Shotluckan x Lundstrom Event

January 18, 2023

Creating a memorable event is about doing the unexpected. And at that, we are experts. The fusion between Shotluckan and Lundstrom Event is one example of how to create a collaboration that will leave a lasting impact.

At JYSK Galan 2022 Lundstrom Event and Shotluckan did our first collaboration. Shotluckan is a bar and shot-concept that offers shots in all different forms – like fire shows, edible shot classes and entertainment. At JYSK Galan we produced three different shot experiences that was composed specially for the guests. Each having some kind of story, guest interaction or a grand show attached. This was truly a match made in heaven, that lit up the night!

The tricky part was not wo work with shotluckan. The tricky part was to negotiate an agreement that allows an external partner to come in and work in a venue and under their conditions based on laws and regulations. But after a long process and many negotiations, we managed to find a concept that suited all parties. The most important thing when producing and working with event management is, not to give up, and keep the vision high even though it sometimes looks like mission impossible. And we are so happy that we kept working hard to reach our goal.

The guests were over the moon happy with this part of the evening. And these are a few comments we got at JYSK Galan 2022.

“The activity with Shotluckan was one of the best things about the night, they really gave it all and had a show – from opening until closing.” / JYSK employee

“Great entertainment and great bartenders. It really gave the event that extra spark”/ JYSK employee

To do the unexpected, you need to evolve and to find the right tools. And that is what we did at JYSK Galan 2022. We created an element that brought out that WOW feeling that we are always aiming for!