JYSK takes the lead on Sweden's first big digital gala

November 7, 2020

JYSK Sweden and Lundstrom Event were the first in Sweden to create a digital gala in a large-scale format and offered the guest a spectacular experience – all from their own living room.

On Saturday the 7th of November 2020, 900 JYSK employees, logged in digitally to follow the traditional JYSK Gala. Johan Sjödin, the CEO of JYSK Sweden, worked hard not to let the pandemic stop the celebration of JYSK Sweden’s success.


“It’s fantastic to be able to work together with a company management that is open ton ew ideas and way of shaping an experience and that dares to invest – It’s one thing to talk about changing and another thing to actually do it! With a secured logistics chain, we were also able to lift the concept to new heights.And create an experience that is unique. Now that we have done a test-run on the concept and it turned out to be a smashing success, we are ready to apply this way of working to more companies that have a strong employer branding strategy” SuzanneLundström, Executive Producer for the JYSK Gala.


So, whatdid we do?


-      900gala boxes, sent out 1 week before the event, with a 3-course gala menu for two people, prepared by Maria Zihammou

-      Clear communication plan started 2 months before the event to maximize the incentive for guests to want to attend the gala digitally

-      Recorded food programs to coach the guests before the gala

-      1-hour live cook-a-long with the guests

-      1,5-hour live JYSK Gala with interaction

-      A Musical JYSK quiz with David Lindgren and Jessica Andersson

-      Award ceremony for the salesperson of the year and the store of the year

-      A tribute to the 82 anniversary guests with specially produced musical entertainment. The 20- and 25-years anniversary guests received a bouquet of flowers with a personal greeting from JYSK’s CEO.

-      JYSK’s management was on site in the studio and had an interaction via a digital tool with the guests all over the country

-      1800 guests sat completely corona-proof at home in their living rooms and sent pictures, emojis and comments to the studio via the chat.

-      The JYSK CEO made his debut as a moderator and together with the management team they led their own gala.


It was an enormous commitment by JYSK employees from all over Sweden, from north to south. It was a corona-proof party in a home environment that not only involvedJYSK employees but also their families. The guest made the party – Lundstrom Event gave them the right conditions and the right tools.


We believe in the of people coming together, but while waiting for the pandemic to disappear, we have now proven that it is possible to make large interactive, engaged, corona-proof dinner events with entertainment in a digital form.